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Give your employees or customers the gift of KOR — the gift that shows you really care about them and the planet. We'll even help you personalize it with the coolest customization options you've ever seen.
What's So Special?
Options, Options, Options!
You can customize all four KOR hydration vessels: ONE, Delta, Vida and Aura. 
Unique Aquarium Effect for Your Brand
To ensure your brand really stands out, we can print your logo on the back of each KOR vessel for a stunning aquarium-like effect. When filled, the vessel magnifies your logo with the organic beauty of water.
KOR Stones™: Go Beyond the Logo
KOR Stones™ are a unique and subtle way to get any message across. Display your organization's tag line, mission statement, goals, or whatever strikes your fancy. Both the KOR ONE and KOR Delta hold up to four double-sided Stones™, so you can include up to eight messages total.
Discounts Available
Or, if you're seeking the pure, unadorned elegance of our KOR Hydration Vessels, we offer significant discounts on unbranded product, starting with as few as 48 units.
Let's Make It Happen!
Whether you are ready to produce your design or simply need a quote, please email us at info@korwater.ph