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  1. What environmental groups do you support?
  2. Where are KOR products manufactured?
  3. Where can I purchase KOR products at retail?
  4. How do I clean my KOR vessels? Can they go in the dishwasher?
  5. Is it safe to put my KOR vessels in the microwave?
  6. My KOR vessel appears to be leaking. What should I do?
  7. How do I know if my KOR vessel is completely closed?
  8. My seal came off during washing. What should I do?
  9. The rubber seal on my KOR ONE cap is gone or needs replacing. How do I get a new one?
  10. The cap on my KOR Delta, Aura or Vida needs replacing. How do I get a new one?
  11. Can I put my KOR vessels in the freezer?
  12. Can I put hot liquids in my KOR vessel?
  13. Can I put alcoholic beverages in the KOR ONE?
  14. Will ice cubes fit in my KOR vessel?
  15. Do I need to wash my KOR vessel before using it for the first time?
  16. My company would like to purchase some vessels and put our logo on them. Can you do this?
  17. Does the KOR vessel keep water cold?
  18. Will the KOR ONE or KOR Delta vessel make my water smell or taste like plastic?
  19. Is the KOR ONE unbreakable?
  20. Will my KOR vessel leak if I leave it in my bag or I lay it on my car seat?
  21. The Stones? thing sounds cool, but what are they?
  22. Where can I purchase additional KOR Stones??
  23. Can I create my own KOR Stones??
  24. How do I change my KOR Stone??
  25. What are KOR Stones? made from?
  26. I have been hearing a lot about BPA. What is it?
  27. What is the KOR ONE made of?
  28. What is the KOR Delta made of?
  29. What is the KOR Aura made of?
  30. What is the KOR Vida made of?
  31. Is my KOR vessel made from recycled materials?
  32. You say that KOR vessels are recyclable. So why isn't there a recycling symbol or code on it?


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